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About the Company

Immediately after Bangladesh’s Independence in 1971, Mr. Shahjalal Mazumder, the chairman of Shahjalal group, recognized a need for change; a solution needed to be found for the economic crisis and the problems of unemployment and illiteracy the country was facing at the time. With continuous financial support from SHAHJALAL COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS (which deals in the export and import of chemicals and leather), he initiated the construction of schools, colleges, madrasas, orphanages and training camps for technical education for the country’s youth in 1980.

Mr. Mazumder then took the opportunity to purchase Ferdous Tanneries, a government owned project, which he renamed Grand Basia Co. Ltd. This came to be a major steppingstone for the formation of the SHAHJALAL LEATHER COMPLEX LIMITED (SLCL), which is engaged in the manufacturing and processing of finished leather goods; currently, the SLC L services clients from markets including Europe, the United States of America and the Far East. The SLCL continuously strives to improve the quality of their product, aiming to capture a larger part of the international leather market through implementing ideas and scientific advances gleaned from places far and wide.

SHAHJALAL OVERSEAS SERVICES LIMITED (SOSL) was formed to meet the requirements of manpower recruitment in early the 80’s for Iraq and other Gulf Countries and is proud to be one of the oldest and the leading government approved recruiting agency in the country.

The NATIONAL MEDICAL CENTRE LIMITED (NMCL) is equipped with the best equipment for the correct diagnosis of patients. Organized by a team of experts and highly qualified doctors, this health complex extends all possible facilities to ensure sound health for all members of the community.

Shahjalal Group’s first travel agent, BENGAL AIRS LIMITED has been established in the late 90’s to accommodate and facilitate the growing demands of international passengers in the local market. Recognized and certified by both IATA (International Air Transport Authority) and ATAB (Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh), Bengal Airs Limited successfully provides outstanding ticketing services to corporate as well as private clients, both local and international.