Shahjalal Overseas Services Ltd.


In late 1980’s, Shahjalal Overseas Services Ltd. (SOSL) was registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and firms along with the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, Government of Bangladesh with the valid Recruiting License (RL-171). It already has an extensive experience with the track record for the last two and a half decades in Manpower Consultancy and supplier of all categories of unskilled, semi skilled, skilled and professional manpower from Bangladesh for various industrial, construction projects to various parts of the world such as Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Malaysia and Brunei.

The key mission of SOSL is to solve problems related to mobilization of skilled and semi-skilled manpower including engineers, technicians to various public and private sectors at the mentioned countries. So far we have supplied and managed almost thirty thousand skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled workers since the inception of the company.

SOSL has built such a well known reputation in the manpower world that it has been enlisted for recruitment of skilled and semi-skilled manpower from Bangladesh and processing visa by the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Bangladesh since 1998 and we have been performing our assigned duties successfully.

National Medical Centre Ltd. (a sister concern of Shahjalal Group) has been highly involved with the Medical check-up for the GCC countries bound passengers since 1998 with due responsibilities and reliabilities. We wish to convey our promptness to meet any enquires addressed to us and assure our valued principals of rendering quality services for all time to come. Lastly, we believe in sincerity, honesty and reciprocity to achieve the mutual benefits for execution of agreements. Our valued principals are well aware of the fact that Bangladeshi workers both unskilled, skilled and professionals have already built and image in abroad as the most sincere and hard-working in all fields of activities.

We feel it an obligation to satisfy our principals by selecting proper worker for the proper job status in order to safeguard the interest of both the employers and employees.

YEAR Bangladeshi workers Supplied to Companies At (Country) Total number of Employment
1981 Ministry of Industry and Minerals, State Organization for Textile Industries Baghdad, Iraq IRAQ 1500
1981 State Enterprise for Cement Factory, Iraq IRAQ 1800
1982 Ministry of Industry and Minerals, State Organization for Electricity Distribution, Iraq IRAQ 2000
1982 Saleh Mustafa Al-Ajooj General Contractors and Merchants, Baghdad, Iraq IRAQ 193
1982 Al-Jonabi Furniture Factory IRAQ 150
1982 Elba House Co. Manufacturing of Prefabricated Buildings IRAQ 362
1982 Nazi A. Baldawi Co. Civil Engineer and Contractor IRAQ 450
1982 Agrobear Hangarian Co. Consulting Engineers and Contractor IRAQ 150
1982 National Food Products IRAQ 80
1982 Al-Khalid Bureau, Contracts and Commerce, Kirkuk Irrigation Project. IRAQ 300
1982 Saad Issa General Contractors IRAQ 125
1982 Doud Salim Haifi IRAQ 52
1982 Al-Hafidh Trico Co. IRAQ 250
1982 Brown and Rot Inc. Middle East 500
1983 Saad Issa General Contractors IRAQ 125
1983 Ministry of Industry (Petro-chemical) IRAQ 3000
1984 State Company of Oil Projects (SCOP) Ministry of Oil IRAQ 500
1985 State Establishment for Executing IRAQ 270
1985 Marubeni Construction Co. Japan 350
1986 Ministry of Defense Special Project No.396 IRAQ 771
1987 State Organization for Ministry, State Enterprise for Raw Building Materials IRAQ 65
1988 Ministry of Tourism, Al-Rashid Hotel IRAQ 80
1988-1990 Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Iraq (both public and private) IRAQ 7000
1989 State Enterprise for Aluminum, Semi-Products IRAQ 300
1989 Industrial Complex IRAQ 750
1990 Ministry of Industries All Cotton Textile All Rayon Textile IRAQ 300 300
1985 Hotel Salauddin Palace Saudi Arabia 45
1989 Al-Mulla Rental and Leasing of Vehicles and Equipments Kuwait 200
1990 Kuwait Transport Kuwait 380
1991 Al-Wadi Cleaning Contracting Est. Kuwait 610
1991 Al-Rasdan Trading Est. Kuwait 550
1991 SR. & Co. Kuwait 69
1991 The National Industries Co. (S.A.K.) Kuwait 45
1992 Syarikat Keratong Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 80
1992 F.C. (Asia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1992 Dah Yung Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 12
1993 Syarikat Kurnia Setia Bhd. Malaysia 100
1993 Far East Holding Bhd. Malaysia 110
1993 Barkath Marine Products Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 63
1994 Highland Chocolate and Confectionary Malaysia 30
1994 Sanko Wood Industries Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1994 Yap Cheng Lian Brickworks Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 30
1994 High Plus Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1994 Taiping Latex Products Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 12
1994 Kilang Kayu Getah Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 30
1994 Hai Seng Hin Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1994 Skop Dinamik (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1994 Telexstar Pertama Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1994 Mestika Arif Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 15
1994 Tootal thread Malacca Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 12
1994 Skhol Industries Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1994 Perikanan Kuantan Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1994 O.M. (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1995 Soon Seng Trading Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1995 Hock Heng Granite Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1995 Billy Wood Industries Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 12
1995 Kuala Kangsar Rubber Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1995 Sensation Home Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1995 Ezson Engineering Services Malaysia 10
1995 Tampin Rubber Furniture Industry Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 23
1995 Bantex(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1995 Hantong Metal Component Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1995 NL.Metal Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 30
1995 Hock Hin (Muar) Rubber Co. Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 15
1995 Eap Industries Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 20
1995 Oxyhin (Powder Manufacturers) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 10
1995 Tai Chee Ching Footwear and Plastic Manufacturer Malaysia 10
1996 Plastik Stc Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 30
1996 Hartalega Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 100
1996 Global Venture Group Malaysia 39
1996 Sahid Sendirian Bhd. Kuwait 10
1996 Brutax Manufacturing Co. Sdn. Bhd. Brunei Daruss 100
1997 Jasco Group Contracting Division Brunei 200
1997 Inter Maris Management Services Kuwait 225
2000 Latitude Tree Furniture Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 150
2000 Top Range Product (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 130
2000 S.K. Interlink Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 120
2000 Carpet International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 40
2003 Matar Rashed Al-Jaberi Contracting (L.L.C) Dubai (UAE) 20
2003 Conspec Contracting (L.L.C) Dubai (UAE) 10
2003 Mavis Marble and Granit (L.L.C) Dubai (UAE) 25
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